Location: Netherlands

Affected services: TeraKVM - KVMv VPS

02:27 We are investigating an issue with the underlying raid subsystem of . Some volumes are not readable/locked.

07:30 No progress s far. System is still locked.

11:30 Server has been shutdown. We will try to replace the controller.

The are still errors on disk.


04:30 A full reinstall of ssd subsystem is required. We are recovering as much data as possible ignoring I/O errors. It will be restored once the system is back online

08:30 Data copy is still in progress. Almost all SSD volume show at least one I/O error while copying.

12:30 Data has been restored. You can try to boot your vps, in case of issue boot from a cdrom ISO and try to recover it from there.

Friday, August 16, 2019

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