Mar 16th PM70 is down

Hello!PM70 is down. It may be a hardware issue, however, at this time we try to see if the problem is not due to kernels of the guest VMs being too old as mentioned in another anouncement.UPDATE: We will put up another server to isolate the problematic VMs. This may take up to 24 hours. In this time we try to stabilize PM70 and start the VMs which ... Read More »

Mar 5th Xen Updates and very old kernels


After upgrading our Xen installation to 4.6, some very old kernels, not updated in years, can fail to boot.
Please understand there are known vulnerabilities in old kernels and leaving them in the original version from 2013 is not a good idea, same keeping Centos 5 or Debian 5 still online.

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