Thank you for being a valued customer of Prometeus through the years.

As we all know, technology changes and evolves and our product lines are taking a big leap ahead after the acquisition.

Cdlan is a big company with many resources so we have made investments in new hardware and prepared new lines of products.

However, rackspace is not unlimited and we have decided to retire old servers which are almost empty and consuming a lot of power as well as running obsolete stacks no longer maintained upstream,


We will first retire the XenPower line for which we have prepared a replacement long time ago (the TeraKVM line) but we have added an even newer line, the K-Power one.

All XenPower customers would have the opportunity to get one of the new K-Power plans and we would transfer all credit left on their old XenPower product.

The customer would be responsible for the migration and the IPs would not be transferred.

The specifications are way above the XP plans at the same price, for example:

XenPower 1G (2013 model)

CPU: 2 Core
RAM: 1024MB
Hard Disk: 120GB
IP addresses: 1 IPv4, 2 IPv6
Dedicated internet bandwidth 1gbps port : 2000 GB
Control Panel: SolusVM
Virtualization: XEN PV
Price:39 Eur a year

K-Power S (2023 model)

Core @2.6 Ghz: 2
Dedicated RAM: 4 GB
Disk: 200GB
Addresses: 1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
Dedicated internet bandwidth 10 gbps port: 10000 GB

KVM Powered with Fibre Channel SAN Disk

Location: Italy

Price:36 Eur a year


As you can see, the specifications are 4-5 times higher at times and the price is actually lower.


The move should be completed within 30 days after which the old services would cease to function.

Monday, March 27, 2023

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